At People of Victory LLC we partner with people, and invest in initiatives, that elevate lived experiences.


At People Of Victory LLC
We Lean Into...

Where Victory Happens.
When we operate with an appreciation for refinement, we can elevate and triumph as we welcome moments of transition and grow in anticipation of transformation.


Where Growth Happens.
These occur regularly in life and are a necessity, moving us from one point to another. Many offer an opportunity for growth, while some have the opportunity to impact or shift life more than others.



Where Change Happens.
Prompted by the willingness to make meaning of transitions, this is where change happens. Rather than repel, we absorb and use lessons of the transition to fuel and become something new.

“I never lose. I either win or I learn.”
~Nelson Mandela


I am descendant of People of Victory
I have birthed People of Victory
I surround myself with People of Victory
I nurture People of Victory
I work with, care for, befriend, etc. …. People of Victory

My name is Dr. Nikole Logan Jones.
the GREEK root of my name NIKOLE means
‘People of Victory.’

What does that imply?

 tell me more!




I discovered this meaning of my name while experiencing transition and moving towards a transformation. I have certainly lived a life worthy of its meaning! Some of this is a result of using my experiences as fuel to renew my perspectives and propel my next steps

Sometimes life leaves us feeling knocked down, stuck, bewildered, or defeated.


 As a trained educator, life coach, and organizer, I know discovering, exploring, and developing our ‘personal tools’ equips us to live life in full–an abundant life–as we apply what we have learned.
Our journeys are each unique. I believe you have in you what is needed to make meaning of life, elevate your journey, and impact those around you.

People of Victory is dedicated to using experience, perspective shifts, and the synergy of collaboration, to support your vision and actualization of a full life.

Here to be your partner in victory,
Dr. Logan

Mother | Author | Visionary | Thought Leader | Educator | Believer

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"...Nikole believes that all children deserve quality early learning care..."

Dr. Logan is a great leader and I learned a great deal. You can clearly see that Nikole believes that all children deserve quality early learning care. That is where her heart is and she showed that at every training we had. She is dedicated to this field and makes a difference. That is what counts.

Danette A.
Owner and Provider, Holding Hands Childcare

"...I was honored to be able to learn from her..."

Dr. Logan brings a significant depth of knowledge, passion, and creativity to her work. I was honored to be able to learn from her as we collaborated together to support young children in innovative and equity-driven ways.

Liv C.
Early Childhood Specialist, MDE

 "...I have become a more effective leader... "

I truly admire Dr. Logan’s dedication and appreciate her for giving me the skills and tools to grow personally and professionally. Through her leadership, I have become a more effective leader. She has helped me to create deeper connections with children, families, and community, as well as broaden my equity and cultural lens.

Zang V.L.
Hmong Early Childhood Coalition Board Member

"...I always leave our interactions feeling supported and motivated"...

In the 7 years I’ve known Nikole, she has been a consistent coach in my professional career. She has an amazing ability to be both gentle and firm in her guidance, taking into account my personality and my style of teaching and learning. I always leave our interactions feeling supported and motivated. Working alongside her has been a pure pleasure.

Shareece G.
Director, YMCA Childcare

"...Her mentorship continues to guide me personally and professionally"...

Since I have known Dr. Logan, she has recognized the potential in me and has fostered growth by challenging me in ways to deepen my thinking, express my thoughts, and appreciate the perspectives of others. Her mentorship continues to guide me personally and professionally. I truly admire and appreciate her steadfast commitment to her community and others around her.
N. Loving

" ...I’ve found answers and strength to overcome challenges that seemed insurmountable"...

Thanks to her influence in my life, I’ve found answers and strength to overcome challenges that seemed insurmountable. While some of us feel drained when giving to others, the act of giving, it seems, somehow grows out of Dr. Logan, and generates more life and power for both the giver and the receiver.

S. Armien Funk
Family Coordinator
Center for Child and Family Studies, UC-Davi

"...such a pleasure and an inspiration to work with..."

Dr. Nikole has a creative and nurturing spirit and is such a pleasure and an inspiration to work with. She is guided by her faith, committed to excellence, and driven by her purpose and calling to her family and community.

Rev. Dr. B. Charvez Russell
Senior Pastor, Greater Friendship MB Church

"...firsthand her unique ability to nurture and guide folks ..."

Dr. Logan is a natural facilitator. Working together I witnessed and experienced firsthand her unique ability to nurture and guide folks as they discovered how to actualize their best selves in the work we accomplished together.

-A. Perez-Cajina

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Dr. Logan facilitated a collaborative ideation resulting in custom materials for children, their families, teachers, and administrators where African American children in Minnesota are transitioning to kindergarten. 

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